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, versus focusing what is wrong with america. as long as that is the attitude that you cannot do anything to uplift this country without feeling like you are handing out, giving handouts to someone, and you are against obama no matter what, because you feel for someone -- is going to benefit from it. host: thanks for the call. i am going back to another opinion piece. dan ball says the tea partiers movement is a reaction against obama and the democrats' agenda. sarah palin may be trying to become the movement's most prominent voice, but the real motivating force is the president and his policies. we are asking whether you think the tea partiers will have an impact on the upcoming elections. we read about charlie crist and the impact on the florida senate race. a democrat from brooklyn, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. it has become a habit to wake up and hear the conversation focused on the tea partiers movement. either you have nothing else to talk about -- i don't know if fox cable networks as influence in your studio. host: let me stop you. this program is a reflection of
diversity in america. "washington journal" is next. . . our question for you this morning is about financial regulatory reform. do you think it will get bipartisan support? the lines are -- you can also e-mail up -- e-mail us at journal@c-span.org or twitter. senators will face a future -- crucial test vote on far reaching legislation to overhaul the nation's regulatory system. republicans said sunday they plan to block efforts to move forward unless democrats altered several elements. meanwhile, democrats and obama officials spent much of the day finalizing strict new rules to rein in the huge derivatives trade -- other coverage of that in "the washington times." republican leaders said yesterday their ranks are unified and determined to shoot down a key test vote today, potentially embarrassing scenario for democrats seeking to advance a major item of president obama's agenda. our question to you is, do you think bipartisan support will materialize today on the financial regulatory bill. and it's not today, because of differences between the parties -- do you think it will be different, pe
ahead. caller: really sad day in america. the federal government is broke. most of the states in this nation are broke. - and for the federal government to continue using this as a vehicle to print dollars - to further extend the debt of this nation is a tragedy. this nation has turned into a debt free system with the common americans getting crewed more and more as days go by. thank you. host: south lion, michigan. iris? caller: hi. there. i feel the government keeps taking, taking, taking. spending, spending, spending. they have yearmarks and highway remaimed for political people. they borrow money when they charge you taxes on your salary. and maybe they could add another 50-60, $200 back from what they don't use. we're giving them in trust and they give us back - let them eat cake kind of stuff. obama could travel less and do a lot of his stuff by telephone and spend more time in the united states where he's elected to be president of the united states. work on maybe, half salary until he proves himself and that goes for every other president. they should stop depending
. they are not bad. t(we definitely have to build me nuclear power plants if we want to keep america energized. host: you have one in knoxville, don't you? caller: there are several around. i'm not an educated nuclear person but i studied it and we hire given all of our technologies away to the chinese, the french, and all of the world is using the technologies that we americans developed. i'm 72 years old. i watched the nuclear age coming in, and america needs nuclear energy now. host: isaac, boulder, colorado. a democrat. caller: i opposed -- to me, it seems like if we continue to -- you know, the waste is my concern with building new plants. as the caller prior from hanford, washington, suggests, that there is an ongoing issue with justification -- it is really a process that is already under way and we really have not resolved much because we are just pouring it up. host: here is a tweet -- hastings, michigan. gordy, a republican. caller: i am opposed to it definitely for two reasons. here in michigan we have some power plants and they are storing the waste in cement containers right along lake
critical to both of us and i just want to repeat how horrified all america was at the recent attacks in moscow. we recognize that that is a problem that can happen anywhere at any time and it is important for russia and the united states to work closely on those issues. and there is the people to people context, figuring out how we can make sure there is more interaction and exchange between our two countries on a whole range of issues within civil society. so i am optimistic we can come to new to make progress -- but we need to -- it speaks to not only security of the nation but security of the world. >> [speaking in russian of] >> [interpreter] yes, we have 9% of the stockpiles which is from the cold war legacy. we will do what we can to be taken in mind the special issue of the united states and russia on the issue. we do care about what is going on with nuclear arms and other countries of the world and we can't imagine a situation between the russian federation and the united states, taking efforts to disarm and the world will move toward a different -- printable different direct
into this and they will revive their contract with america in 2010. host: milton, independent line. arnot -- vernon dean of beach, florida -- fernandina beach, florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think the democrat or republican or the independence or however, if they had just a few seconds to think about this, they will know that the reason this is coming about now -- democrats -- i am talking about kerry, talking about lieberman, and even the republican senator lindsey graham, they were pushing this 10 years ago and the democrats said no, no, no, it will take 10 years to realize any benefit. it has been 10 years ago and they did not drill 10 years ago, so we don't have the oil now. 10 years from now, we won't have any drilling whatsoever. whether you objected to it or you accepted this fact, the method, as the last gentleman said, was to try to get some helps for the cap-and-trade -- anyone in their right mind. i am not an activist, but i do have my own opinions. offering a carrot in one hand but a stick in the other. host: what is the matter with that, milton? isn't that how politics works? calle
comments. >> america has got to be back in the future business, we have to be a tomorrow country. we have to create more jobs, revive manufacturing. we can't do it if we keep mortgaging our future to other people. the way to sell this to people in america is to tell them half of our debt is held by people and other countries and soon it will be 75% and do they wanted for their -- do they really want that for their children and grandchildren? then i would tell them that i would be careful how i do this. i would it everything i can to minimize the burden on the old, the poor, and unfortunate, but that in order to do that, you have to change the way you do health care, the way we do energy, the way we do education, -- and you have to reverse the age ratio. host: that is the former president yesterday. you hear what he says, the tomorrow country -- create more jobs, revive manufacturing, address federal debt, minimize the burdens on the old, pork, and unfortunate, change the way we do health care, energy, and education, and this last point, that the country needs more immigrants. we need to c
of what has made america what it is. you take whatever you can never you can get this, and that is what led up to this crisis. some of them on wall street forgot that behind every dollar that is traded, or leverage, there is a family trying to buy a house, or pay for the education or open a business. or to save for retirement. what happened on wall street has real consequences across the country. i have also spoken about the need to move -- to have economic growth in the 21st century. wall street reform as part of that foundation. host: here is the "the new york times", they have a $50 billion fund that will be financed by the large companies to take apart the big banks and move them out of business. the obama administration is against the finding because this may affect the ability to deal with costly bank factors. there is also concern over the consumer banking agency and the republicans also oppose a proposal in a bill with ranch -- given by center blanche lincoln from arkansas -- centered blanche lincoln from arkansas. -- senator blanche lincoln from arkansas. caller: she has done n
for america's military. if the obama domestic agenda is implemented, discretionary funds available will shrink to a level at which maintaining the dominant military we have become accustomed to will almost certainly be a thing of the past. bruce joins us now from jacksonville, fla. caller: it never ceases to amaze me how gullible people are, the financial crisis we went into was caused byt congress causedhey passed the laws -- was caused by congress. they passed the laws, repealed the glass-steagall act. we just found out that the sec was sitting on their rear ends watching porn all everything was going to -- whatever. we have all these agencies and we're still in this mess. i don't really know why we will create another agency to sit around and take our tax money and not enforce the laws on the books. host: thanks for the call. here is a comment on twitter, saying maybe a good question should be do americans believe in regulation? since there already is regulation, maybe we should ask do you believe in additional or new regulation? robert joins us from richmond on the republican line. caller:
as the dems cash in on goldman. that is "the new york post" this morning. caller: i just hope america wakes up because this stuff goes on and on. they will always make loopholes, whoever is in office. they will always make loopholes for the corporations because the corporations are finding their elections. if they do not get reelected, they have a job, a side job for them. i have that america wakes up. something really has to be done to stop ait. host: ok, steve, from erie, pa. host: the question you're asking is kind of misleading -- yes, the gop should support the financial form, but the right kind of reform. the other question, should the democrats have supported the performed during the 2005/2006 bush administration? then senator obama and voted it down with a filibuster. it was in 2005, the bank and financial reform act during the bush administration. it was voted down by democrats, pushed aside. i keep hearing this from different democrats -- you cannot waste a good crisis, yet we are the ones to suffer. it is a joke the way the questions get pushed back and forth. we need to sit down an
stress, and mexicans were rounded up and sent down to south america. the u.s. government actually paid at that time to have people paid -- transported back to south america. host: how you adjust your lifestyle to your wife as an illegal? caller: the publication get worse because i have always been the one to provide -- the complication gets worse because i've always been the one to provide as the director of hotel chains and like us. now i am going through some health issues. i have lost my vision. i am dealing with some medical conditions like congestive heart failure, kidney failure, things like that. i cannot work. host: how long have you been married? caller: about nine years. host: did the law changes after 9/11 affect you? caller: absolutely, and there was nothing you could do. it is not like we are here breaking any laws. this is one of the things that we talk about your -- here at my house and around the family. these people come in and they work, and it is not just the hispanics, but in the hotel industry we hire a lot of european, russian, ukrainian, romanian people to come o
the job. host: md., dennis. caller: good morning. i disagree. this is america. it is good to protect our border, but -- they cannot win. this is different. >> we work to solve a crisis that we did not create a grid the federal government has refused to fix it. the crisis is caused by illegal immigration. it strengthens the laws of our state. it protect all of the spirits every arizona citizens and everyone here in our state law. it does so while insuring that the constitutional rights of all in arizona remain solid and stable and steadfast. i will calcine senate bill 1070 -- senate bill 1070. host: here to give us a little bit more context about the new law and what it means in the long term, we have the national political reporter for the " arizona republic." what are those supporters and opponents saying is going to happen after this new law comes into effect? guest: you are going to see this panel shift from the arizona political sphere into the courts. the pundits have already signaled that they plan to vigorously -- the opponents have already signaled that they plan to vigorously op
america's capabilities in order to gain their favor. that is to their advantage. i guess the big issue i have with the treaty that mr. obama put forward is that it weakens america and it does not really effectively do anything to address the real danger is that america faces. host: ashburn, virginia. good morning. caller: as far as i understand, there is little evidence that iran is actually seeking nuclear weapons. as a free nation, they have the right to procure nuclear power for energy. host: we will get to your question. we want to get a response first. guest: with due deference to the caller, i do not know where you have been for the past 15 years. iran keeps changing their stories. they have gone from no centrifuges to 8000. if they were for peaceful purposes, i do not know what they would hide them. they are dealing with polonium, and that has only one use, and to trigger a nuclear weapon. they are 85% of the way to having weapons-grade material. anyone who does not realize that iran is relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons is simply not paying attention. guest: fair enough. so wh
to go back to savings bonds. $25 to $500,000, and have them mature every two years. invest in america savings bonds. this will probably eliminate all our taxes completely if we go into this type of system. i am retired, but i lost my job on march 25. i have been to medical problems and workers' compensation, where they literally defrauded you. started my own business. host: how is that going for you? caller: cannot get a loan. i want to do custom cars and custom fits. the problem is getting money. the bottom line, u.s. bonds that invest in america, and have them mature every two years. host: thank you for your call. . next is jason on the line for independents. caller: hello, susan. with everybody out of work, where is the money going to come from? host: what do you think of the idea in general, if economic times were a little bit better? caller: i do not care how good economic times are. i think higher taxes are always a bad idea. taxes only go one direction, up one. as you have a tax, they never go down. one -- to have a tax, they never go down. you cannot get a head. the people who
for giving us the highlights and setting the stage for the continue debate here in washington over america's funding for the space program. robert is a space editor at the land of newspaper, joining us from the space center. we will look at headlines, then get on to the tea party discussion with you. here is the front page. in "the usa today" -- obama tries to get support of space plan off the ground. finally, from inside "the wall street journal" -- china sets ambitious space goals. in less than 20 years, china has gone fromprogram to seeking to move into the lead. we will talk more about space. it is time to move on to our discussion on the tea party. it is prompted by a number of stories including this one. it is the first real demographic and policy steady of the who? the tea party -- of who backs the tea party. they suggest that 84% hold an unfavorable view of barack obama. this is proof of the way that congress is handling its job. 96% disapprove of congress. the view of the national economy -- either fairly bad or very bad -- 93% say that it is compared to only 83% of republicans. o
to america. >> "washington journal" continues. host: david weigel writes a blog for "the washington post" called right now, and he's here to talk to us about the future of the republican party. but before we get into that, tell us a little bit about, from your perspective, the key party tax rally here in washington, d.c. and how the future of the tea party movement may or may not be paralleling the future of the republican party. guest: well, there were two rallies here in d.c. there are more than 13 rallies in maryland, multiple rallies in virginia. i seen them as more of the backbone of what the republican party has become. there's some debate in the media about whether or not tea party activists will break off and become a third party. that's not really what tea party activists were talking about on thursday. they were thinking about candidates taking support, talk about democrats taking targets, the tea party express, which is a term started to sort of grab hold of this movement, endorse a slew of candidates and mentioned harry reid, one of the guys it wants to take down. host: but h
of urban america. >> why did you focus on this topic? >> i think it's a very important question that people need to understand that it's a big problem within america. >> let's talk about what you knew about human trafficking before you start it had documentary. >> i really didn't know much about it at all, actually. i just knew that it was a problem that a lot of people don't want to talk about. and that it's something that's very prominent in america alone. and we need to understand that we really need to see what is going on just behind the wall that nobody ever wants to climb. >> you interviewed angel vickers. what did you learn in this interview? >> well, she really did open up a lot of points about the world that we really don't see. she told us about how she was able to help a lot of the victims that were going around on the streets, how they rescued them, how they really were able to rehabilitate these people. and i think that was very important and that it showed in the aspect of the documentary i made. >> what are some of the problems associated with try to stop human trafficking?
of both parties , and that independent candidates have not really taken off, it is maybe america's political system -- and america is a wonderful country and my father is a veteran -- maybe it is too much, if you have power and you -- if you are not, you are ignored. the father was a veteran. i'm considered autistic. i have gotten medical care that help me to speak. there are physical side effects. i know you do not want me to go off topic -- i want to mention my twitter site,brainplasticity -- not only if someone has a stroke, if you are getting older and what is now among alzheimer's and use the because senility. if mental health care was officially encouraging clients to get better there would be more -- host: wilmington, north carolina. bill, republicans line. caller: we are getting off base on mental-health issues -- but i agree with john and we need to help. the individual's spouse their philosophy and we are voting for a philosophy. as soon as americans can get back to determining the difference between socialism and capitalism, which is a product of our educational system
the they will have their own new contract with america, but all of that is in the future. we will see. host: san antonio? republican line. caller: you are supposed to have enough sense to make a decision while you are in the party ended does not matter who tells you to do what, if it is not right, it is not right. do not give us sarah palin and john mccain, give us mitt romney. democrats and republicans are people that need to work together, they have to drink about what they're doing for the united states. mr. obama is taking the country down because the democrats are letting him. guest: i would probably, specifically distance myself from any characterization of the president's race and what it means. the president is certainly a person of great intellect and ability, so i will leave that part not discussed. but one point that the caller did make that i want to associate myself with, we are all americans. with the challenges we are facing overseas, of what the american people are looking for is for parties to work together to solve common problems, not for continued fighting. while political pa
. hi, there. caller: how are you doing? c-span, hey, america. thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to say that corporate media is not the way to get information. host: what do you say is not the way to get information? caller: corporate media. host: go ahead, eric. caller: i am saying corporate media is not the way to get information to american people. iran is not a threat to the u.s. iran is not a threat to the u.s. all i wanted to say. we have been talked about iran for 10 years now. they are not a threat. we have two big oceans. host: dead in pennsylvania on our independent's line. -- ed in pennsylvania. caller: before i make the comments i wanted something about the guests on c-span. i wish you would have two guests have opposing views sitting across from one another so one can kind of correct the other one. host: we do from time to time. caller: pataki was making so many misstatements and you as a host cannot correct anything. when someone calls in and tries to make a hit the nail on the head, used with a guest will make a comment or two, not make a threat to, and just
is on the line for democrats from davenport, iowa. what is the viewpoint from middle america? caller: thank you for taking my calls. i would like to say how outraged i am seeing this stalled. this should have been taken care of long ago. we have seen this coming, the fed will reserve was putting in billions into the stock market to keep the federal reserve was putting in billions into the stock market -- the federal reserve was putting billions into the stock market to keep it afloat. i hope the american people wake up and realize the people who are supporting these tea party is and so forth, start looking at the fact and the people forming these parties and what is behind them and what they are really supporting. host: to that caller in iowa and everyone else, the president will be in iowa today, several stops, including a main street for, what they are calling it. he will toward an energy facility in fort madison and then he will stop in mount pleasant, iowa, and later in the afternoon he will call a town hall meeting at indian hills community college. we will have coverage a little bit later
% of the voters and people in america. host: let us go to keep of the democratic line in michigan. caller: i canappreciate c-span. thank you for taking my call. caller: clear mccaskill, her tone -- i did not watch it all. i saw bits and pieces. i saw bits and pieces on the news and everything. clare mccaskill, her tone was the right tone. she basically scold of them because they were kind of like a bunch of school kids. if you go down to school and something like that. her tone was the right to own as far as i was concerned because -- her tone was the rights to hold as far as i was concerned because it was basically gambling. what they are doing is not too hard to understand. if you really listen to what is going on, the information from c-span and everything, not too hard to understand what they are doing. it goes to the notion that this invisible hand will eventually trickle down and make jobs. 6% up to 63% of gdp what these guys are doing and how much wealth they control. that is ridiculous. none of this money is trickling down to the economy. right now we are in trouble. we need jobs. an
. general motors, i believe it is around $50 billion. there is the biggest banks -- bank of america and citigroup. general motors is still a question mark. they have not pulled a profit. they said they it might do so this year. how well they do this year will ultimately determine how much the government can recoup from that the bailout. bankamerica and citigroup -- bankamerica was able to pay back the money it received and the government made about $4.6 billion profit on the need that they gave parrot -- that they gave. citigroup paid back $20,000,000,000.20 $5 billion the government holds as common stock that they will sell all over the coming months. others, the other wall street banks -- wells fargo and j.p. morgan chase -- they have returned the money. j.p. morgan shays, that bail out individually, and with a profit of about $1 billion and the government will auction off the warrants it is holding on with wells fargo, and i think that should pull about 1 billion as well. so, as i said, when you have aig, you put more than $45 billion into aig. it is not clear we are done there,
manufacturing sources in america. host: thanks for the call. coming up later, a conversation with dr. greg wagner from the mine safety and health situation. one of the developments since the morning newspapers, actually within the last hoyer, according to the associated press, officials say the rescue teams have been forced to pull out again from the coal mine in west virginia where four miners are missing after that explosion that killed at least 25 people. according to safety officials, the rescue teams were heading to a refuge chamber, where they hoped to find the missing miners, but those rescue operators then discovered signs of fire and smoke in the mines. they were then ordered to retreat immediately. this, by the way, is the third time sense monday that the rescuers have been pulled back because of the dangerous conditions. another story we want to bring to your attention from afghanistan, nato officials confirming that a u.s. air force aircraft has crashed in southeastern afghanistan, killing three service members, as well as one government contractor. they were injured and taken
in america. they are so frustrated and angry. they say no to everything. it does not matter who president obama, and i would like to address him as president obama. that is who he is. people do not want to use that on the republican side. it does not matter who he chooses, rather it is someone moderate or someone left and a liberal, they will still complain. ® him all e backlash. as an african-american woman, i hope he chooses a liberal and an african-american or a woman. someone that would satisfy his base. i would hope that our president obama -- i know he is fair minded and tries to seek bipartisan ship and is considered. i hope that he does choose someone. these republicans think that we are not going to fight. we are ready to vote in 2012 and 2016. he is not going to be a onetime president, not if i have anything to do with it. i am ready for the fight just as much as they are. host: what happens if he does not choose a woman, liberal, or minority? what would be your opinion? caller: as long as it is someone who knows the constitution and the lot and willing to look at each case ind
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